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Backstage HSM 3 :)


Here is some exclusive spoilers on HSM 3 scenes.

When Tiara and Sharpay find out Gabriella gets a part in the musical:
"But that means Gabriella will be in our play!
I mean your play!"
"What to do?, what to do?"

Also Sharpay's pic sneaking from the 1st movie is back.
she prints a photo of Gabriella and snatch it from the printer like the printer did anything to her.
In one scene Jason puts his arm around Martha. So awkwardly cute.

In another scene, Troy and Chad steal Jimmy and Donnie's clothes from the gym locker rooms.
Donnie and Jimmy chase Chad and Troy through the halls in their towels.
Yes, just towels. (shirtless Matt Prokep and Justin Martin)
Chad says, "Looking for these?"

When the Wildcats beat the Knights, everyone had to come down from the bleachers and hug and celebrate unity, everyone!
During the free throw shots from Troy, the basketball lifts Troy even though he didn't shoot the winning shot. The camera angle is from the ceiling pointing down at Troy to make it look like he was going into the air.

Troy says a quote about Martha sorta like, "Nerds can even bring it down!!"

And you know how Sharpay's hair is golden in HSM3, well in "I Want It All" it's platinum blond like HSM1. Hmm... Is it a wig? Maybe?
And Ryan's Rockettes: There are a lot, like 10-20 of them.
The Rockettes are part of the school and appear in "I Want it All."

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